This is a blog about anarchism, feminism, anti-racism, psychobabble, and anything else political/social/inflammatory/interesting that I deem fit to blog about.

This blog exists as a forum for me to understand and digest my own thoughts as much as a forum for discussion with others.  That being said, I am a first world white (cis)woman steeped in racist, heterosexist, ableist culture. I’m doing my best to climb out of that trap, but I’m bound to be ignorant at times. Ergo, please call me on my shit!

All comments are moderated because while I am interested in being challenged and in learning from others, I am not interested in arguing. I am anarchist and I will remain as such, so please don’t bother commenting to tell me how great capitalism is, or how there’s no more need for feminism, or how we live in a post-racial world, or any other bullshit that I’m obviously not going to agree with. OK?

If you want, you can try emailing me at firstworlder (you know what) gmail (you know what).


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